Round 9:

7 June, 2016 - 19:00
Y Junction, GSC. PL. Up Grassy Bank. Stinger, AC, Forest, XC Course, Part of Lucys Loop. Y Junction.. 9.7k.

Starting on the flat on the way to Lucy's Loop to allow a rolling start to the first climb up by the Downhill, continue on the main fire road to the STILE at before G STRING, climb up to G STRING and straight through (not right, not left, straight through) onto POT LUCK. Following POT LUCK almost to the end you be turning right and hitting a kicker of a climb which will bring you onto the GRASSY BANK approx 175m short of the finger post at the top. At the finger post turn left and follow the trail to the STINGER (towards the MUDDY RIVER and hanging a left 100m before the STILE). At the bottom of the STINGER (at the wooden gate) you'll turn left onto the single track as if you're heading to Jenkinstown, dropping down a small hill you will turn right onto the single track that leads into AIDENS CANYON. At the end of AIDENS CANYON you turn right and climb up to the dried up pond (for want of a better word) keeping left and riding/hike-a-bike up the climb, following the fence line down to the corner and heading through the forested section and emerging onto the fire road at the downhill. Turning left and left again into the OLD XC COURSE, exiting the OLD XC COURSE, hanging a sharp left and sprinting back uphill to the start/finish line.