Round 3: Bellurgan Park

26 April, 2016 - 19:00
Full Lap x 1 + additional track.

One lap of Bellurgan Park NPS + additional course.

Race Start is at Top Car Park.

Parking is at Lower Car Park.

Hazzards - The Gap Jump is exactly that, there is no pallet in the gap so it is not possible to roll it.  The chicken run runs to the left and is clearly marked.

Course (8.0k):

  1. From start line cycle up the fire road taking the first right into the top track then taking the left into the last part of the Laurels
  2. Continue through the Laurels and climb up the single track taking the left off the track (same as Round 1), turning down towards the Rock n Root (Chicken run will be marked)
  3. Continue along the track exiting at the Tombstone and turning right onto the fire road then right again along the double track around the field 
  4. Turning left along the main fire road towards Bellurgan House passing the portacabins taking the left up the laneway towards the Stone Arch
  5. Turning left before the Stone Arch following the fence line and exiting onto the fire road at the Tombstone, turning right and right again into the double track
  6. Continue along the double track for approx 200m then taking a left into a kicker of a climb which levels off leading to the Cottage
  7. Staying left of the Cottage continue along the track for approx 150m taking a right and then immediate left into the Laurels 
  8. Following the single track in the Laurels until the end exiting onto the track at the tree with the root.
  9. Do the complete course and as you come across the Tombstone turn left up to the top car park and race finish.