Round 08: Armagh Down (50.9k)

2 June, 2016 - 19:00
Mullaghbane - Forkhill - Longfield Road - Crossmaglen Road - Tullymacreeve Road - Mullaghbane. 50.9k.

“If it’s good enough for the Giro, its good enough for us…”

For the first time ever, Cùchulainn Cycling Club take their Road League to the International Stage (albeit 7k from the Lisdoo, stick with me. It’s good for the sponsors)

Armagh/Down Cycling Club have laid on what may the most technical circuit of this year’s league with a 17.4k loop from Mullaghbawn, through Forkhill and looping back.

Starting at Mullaghbawn Church, the first thing riders see is a climb that’s going to hurt in the 2nd an 3rd laps, then onto rolling roads before getting to the steep descent through Forkhill. Just before this descent there is a traffic calming island where cyclists must give way to oncoming traffic; we hope to get all riders though using marshals to slow traffic at this junction.

On the descent the road is not very well surfaced and has a number of speed ramps. Please be extremely careful on this descent. At the bottom of this descent is a sharp left hand turn over the Forkhill River and then another left turn onto Longfield Road. Any time lost on the descent can be made up on this flat straight run to the Crossmaglen Road where riders take a sharp left and continue until another left turn just before the ascent to Silverbridge. From here it’s a straight although uneven run into Mullaghbawn where we do it all over again .... twice!! Any Zoolander’s out there aren’t going to like this circuit…

With recent results, there has been some major shifts in the Groupings. Cùchulainn are starting to assert their authority on the Top 6, but William Loughlin (Armagh/Down) still leads the way with 43 points…. Can he continue his dominance on local roads this Thursday?

Group Changes

Niall Clerkin

Moves to Group 1

Edwin Hughes

Moves to Group 1

Rosemary Gibson

Moves to Group 2

Cormac O'Brien

Moves to Group 2

Michael Stokes

Moves to Group 3

William Loughlin

Moves to Group 3

Ryan Sheppard

Moves to Group 3

Stephen Sheppard

Moves to Group 3

Edward Carville

Moves to Group 3

Mick Sheridan

Moves to Group 4

Kevin Hamill

Moves to Group 4

Conor McKeown

Moves to Group 5


Please make sure you have your chip with you - No Chip = No Points

Please make sure you sign on - No Sign On = No Points


Marshal Group 2: Kevin Howard (+353 87 986 1778) is lead marshal this week. If you have not done so, please make contact with Kevin to confirm your attendance.


Safe riding, see you all Thursday. Sign on opens at 18:15 at Mullaghbawn Church


SarahFaganCuchulainn CC2
NiallClerkinCuchulainn CC2
SeamusKearneyCuchulainn CC2
PeterMcKeownWhite River Wheelers Cycling Club2
JohannaRoganArdee Cycling Club2
StephenBoyleNewry Wheelers CC2
DavidFinneganCuchulainn CC2
PaulHowardCuchulainn CC2
AndrewMcAfeeWhite River Wheelers Cycling Club2
ThomasMurphyArmagh Down CC2
RuairiTraynorCuchulainn CC2
PauricWattersCarrickmacross CC2
PaulByrneDrogheda Wheelers2
FergalCunninghamCuchulainn CC2
AlanLudlowArdee Cycling Club2
CiaranLynchArmagh Down CC2
EamonnMcKeownCuchulainn CC2
DavidMcMahonArdee Cycling Club2
BrianWoodsArdee Cycling Club2
IanClarkeCarrickmacross CC2
PaulEverardCarrickmacross CC2
DavidHollandCuchulainn CC2
DarrenMcCannNavan Road Club2
MartinO'HaganCuchulainn CC2
DamienPhillipsArmagh Down CC2
MichaelBarryCuchulainn CC2
BarryConveryNewry Wheelers CC2
KeithHolliganCuchulainn CC2
NathanMcGreehanCuchulainn CC2
Kevin  HowardCuchulainn CC2
MantasJoniskisCuchulainn CC2
DeclanRaffertyCuchulainn CC2


  • Alan Bingham - Race 1
  • Tomas McCabe
  • Alan Malone
  • Rosena Lynch - Race 2
  • John Loane
  • Emmet Gorman
Many thanks to Marshall Group 2

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