Bike Station Cyclo Cross League Up & Running

Ride in action on the new course


Strong beers and waffles are not the only Belgian traditions gaining popularity in Ireland, as the sport of cyclocross continues to grow here. Originally conceived by the cycling mad Belgians as an off season form of racing to help keep rider's in shape, the events are run, typically in a park, over a mixture of grass, tarmac and forest trails. If the park allows you may even find yourself battling through sand, which is a substance that was never mean`t to be traversed by two wheeled human powered vehicles. As if the natural surfaces do not present enough challenges, race orgainsers will throw in something to make it even more difficult. The most popular addition is the dreaded "boards", simple 30cm planks of woods, strategically placed to ensure riders most dismount carry their steeds over them. Other obstacles include short ramps of incredible steepness, which can actually be free wheeled over if hit at the appropriate speed.
However like a good comic book character all courses have two faces, their "when its dry" face and "when its wet". Rain means one thing in cyclocross, mud glorious mud. The mud typically gets so bad that riders will keep a spare bike in the pits where a helper will clean it allowing riders to change to a clean bike every lap. Mud build ups will get so bad that gears clog, wheels won't turn & feet won't go into pedals.
Thanks to local bike shop The Bike Station, Cuchulainn Cycling Club now have their own Cyclo Cross course. Utilising some unused land adjacent to their shop and having consulted  with a number of experts, a 700 meter course was designed and an 8 week league is up and running, open to those with cyclo cross specific bikes or mountain bikes.
Round 1 kicked off on September 22nd and saw a resounding win for Gerry McCabe, As the league is run on a handicapped basis Gerry was last to start and quickly set about reeling in those in front over the course of the 25min race. Second place went to Kristaps Pumpers, with Aaronn McCann in 3rd. First woman home was Jessica Jackson of Dunleer's White River Wheelers.
Outside of the local league each province is hosting at least one league, with the main Ulster league proving to be the most popular with the Dundalk riders. In the first round of the aforementioned league, Cuchulainn had 5 riders in the support race as well as Rhiannon Dolan in the under 10 girl's race. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact