Halloween Highroller Sportive - Sunday 30th October

Rolling out on SUNDAY 30th October at 9:30am from Ravensdale Forest Park.

At 8 different locations throughout Ravensdale you will find a deck of cards. Collect a single random card from as many decks as you like for a maximum of 8 cards. Get back to the car park for 11:30 to play a game of chance with your best 5 cards. There is a €3 entry fee for this event.


  1. First Prize: An intermediate bike service from Bikefix.ie.
  2. Second Prize: Front and Rear hub service from Bikefix.ie.
  3. Third Prize: Muc Off Bike cleaning kit.

Tea and Crumpets may appear at the finish line. This is a unique event in that it caters to all levels and interests from people taking part on a cyclocross bike to cross country and all mountain riders.

Open to all levels of skill and fitness. There will be guides on the day to lead people unfamiliar with the area. Go at your own pace. You must have a Cycling Ireland Licence to take part. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Card locations:


Possible Routes:

1. XC Casual - Total Cards 5

  1. Climb to Old Timer.
  2. Pedal on to Last Legs.
  3. Pedal on to the barrier for mast.
  4. Turn around and descend for The Holy Grail
  5. Keep on fire road for Down and Down. Descend to car park via DD or fire road.

2. XC Adventure - Total Cards 6

  1. Old timer
  2. Last legs
  3. Barrier to mast
  4. Mast
  5. Descend back down to barrier and head for the holy grail
  6. Keep on fire road for Down and Down. Descend to car park via DD or fire road.

3. Mountain Goat - 7 Cards

  1. Old Timer
  2. Down and Down
  3. The Holy Grail
  4. Barrier to Mast
  5. Mast
  6. Poc Fada
  7. Twixer - then onto DD or descend to the car park via the fire road. 

4. eBike Cheater - 8 Cards

We reckon you'll be pushed to breath if you want to gather all 8 cards but we love a tryer to lets see if anyone does it!