Round 9 of the Bike Station League

By Rosemary Gibson

Round 9 of the Bike Station League, a repeat of the Sportsman's - Greenore - Ballymac route, one which has proved very fast in good conditions. Several ladies were out racing, Mary Laverty and Celine Mc Phillips in group three, recently back from triathlon adventures, Rosemary Gibson and Johanna Rogan in group two and Louise O Hagan, Rosena LynchNuala O'Donoghue and Marcella Leonard in the ever-improving group 1. Sarah Fagan and Claire Ludlow were on marshal duties for the evening.

Conditions were good and the circuit was riding very fast with some Group 1 riders posting an average speed of 32kph, the main bunch in Group 2, 40kph, Group 3; 41kph, Groups 4 and 5; around 43kph; and Group 6; a blistering 44kph. It is perhaps a testament to the improvement in standards, training, bike technology and rider fitness that it seems to get faster every year, and attracts a high quality field of riders from a wide area and many different clubs. It is also a demonstration of courage that these ladies aren't afraid to be in the mix with the lads at high speed. 

It's equal opportunity for all as the riders are grouped on merit regardless of gender. Any ladies interested in taking up racing next season can come and watch on a Thursday night to get a taste of the craic. Limited or full competition licence required.

Photo Credit: Fran Hollywood